Agro Commerce

The Sahan Group of Companies (SGC) under its Agro-Commerce is involved in Crop production; fruits, vegetables, fodder, livestock and meat export, farm land leasing, farm land sales, import of farm inputs; fertilizers, seeds, tractors, trailers, generators etc

Brief History

Somalia is the world’s leading producer of frankincense; agro-commercial cash crops such as banana and sugar cane need to be marketed well in order to subsidize the ailing Somali economy; fetch better price for the local growers, meet the high demand in the international market. And eventually pave way for the setting up and re-creation of cooperatives, which grew rapidly early 1970s.

Bananas constitute the nation’s commercial crop; output was 50,000 tons in 1999; sugarcane production totaled some 500,000 tons in 1985.

SGCs Strategy On Agro-Commerce Boost

Somali local farmers have traditionally engaged in rain-fed dry-land irrigation farming from Shebelle and Juba rivers or from collected rainwater’s. They are susceptible to drought, famine, hunger, starvation and malnutrition unless comprehensive agro-commerce policies are enacted; schemes geared towards encouraging the diversification of crop production, mixed farming, better animal husbandry , farm mechanization, government subsidy of farm inputs, agricultural extension programs, trainings and workshops on better farming techniques in order boost the industry. Lastly to find a better market for the agro-products produced thus create more market and satisfy the internal & the external customers.

Agro-CommerceRecently SGC has collaborated with JAZEERA INTERNATIONAL CO. & BANADIR GATE in the implementation of fodder production and animal fattening ground by leasing the lands to them; an initiative is funded by StabilityFund for Somalia; an international organization busy engaged in the private sector in rebuilding new Somalia.